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Per Table / Month

  • Pay per physical table, not per booking or per cover
  • Only pay for days you're live
  • Only pay for tables that customers can book
  • Ability to add temporary tables and only pay for active days
  • No contract!

Our pricing is designed to be scalable but fixed. We don't punish smaller restaurants and we don't punish you for using our system.

We have no hidden fees, and we'll explain any alterations to your monthly payments and allow you to track any changes.

We don't charge you per booking or per cover, we only charge for the tables you add to our system that your customers can actually book; and only at times they can actually be booked.

Just want to use our system as your personal diary? That's fine by us, if your tables aren't available to customers to book online, you don't pay anything.

We don't want to tie you down to any contracts and force you to use our system, that's why you only pay for what you've used and you're free to leave any time.

If you would like more information on our pricing or have questions, please contact